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As a young woman of seventeen, I was talent scouted on Sydney's northern beaches and started work as a fashion model. The  following year, I was selected by the Eileen Ford Model agency to join their agency in New York when I turned twenty.  I worked internationally for three years, and enjoyed my modelling career a great deal.

During my mid-twenties my baby daughter and I were passengers travelling to a lifestyle festival on the north coast when the driver lost control of the car. It happened in the period of time when seat belts weren't mandatory and not fitted in many cars. As I clung to my daughter tight, I was tossed around in the back seat whilst the car tumbled and rolled down a slope before coming to a halt. Pictures of my life flashed before my closed eyes. My beautiful child was distressed and crying, and there was nothing I could do. I felt utterly powerless.


At the hospital I was informed that  I had multiple fractures to my spine, a broken nose and serious facial bruising.  I would need to remain in hospital an indeterminate time, likely months, and it was possible I may never walk again. This was an outcome I couldn't fathom. I thought of my little daughter, now safe and well with family, but hours away and missing her mother day after day. Each night after lights out I pulled my self laboriously to the edge of the bed and tried bearing weight, so that I could leave hospital and get back to my daughter. In a total of just ten days, with my maker's blessing, I walked out of hospital.


The time that followed was an awakening for me in more ways than one.  I retreated with my daughter to the countryside to take time to heal. About the same time, I started my journey of becoming a passionate advocate for the natural environment. During my recovery, I was intuitively inspired to practise breath work and yoga postures, I found out more about the potential of natural therapies to heal oneself with the assistance of osteopathic and chiropractic practitioners. There were amazing doctors and very talented natural therapists who not only helped me to survive, but to thrive too. In time, I realised it would be beneficial if there was more information and education about the range of options available to people, of all ages, that could considerably help humanity to achieve greater levels of wellbeing and happiness. 


I wanted to give something back to the world, and trained to help others in the therapies I had learned by experience to have faith in. Therapies that could also allow me to earn a living whilst I healed and embraced what was for me, a whole new world of body language. Therapies such as Hatha Yoga, Acupressure and Reflexology which I  combined into an effective therapy I named Holistic Reflexology. Finally I did a course in Cert 1V Training and Assessment to teach others about my discoveries and how they too could be helped in the same way that I was helped to recover.

I hope to inspire others to understand how important it is for us to activate and support clean sustainable energy systems for all our needs, so that our natural environment is regenerated and made safe for present and future generations. The intrinsic relationship between human wellbeing and our natural environment has always fascinated me. Mother Nature and the creator are the greatest of all teachers in my experience. Life is precious. I have become acutely aware of how important the quality of our natural environment is to achieving not only human wellbeing, but the wellbeing of all life, on this third from the Sun planet. Earth is our home. Our very survival and joie de vivre depends on us taking care of our air quality, soil, rivers, oceans, farmlands and forests. In fact, the task of regenerating our natural environment is imperative if we are going to have any chance of creating a positive, peaceful life experience globally, not only for ourselves, but our children and future generations to come. I am inspired to share the best I have to give towards achieving that goal.


I believe too that sharing our stories is one of the greatest gifts we can give each other as human beings. Inspired by an energy greater than myself, I have written about my healing journey and experiences as a woman, mother and healer, and look forward to sharing those insights with you. Valuable lessons have been learned, particularly in regard to our relationship with the environment, each other and our spiritual development. I am working to bring my books to the website and will look forward to hearing your valuable feedback when that time comes.


My  website has different sections for you to browse through and discover helpful hints and tips about increasing your wellbeing, joy and creativity. 

You'll discover more as you explore these pages. Enjoy x


Warm regards,



© 2020 Tana Edye

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Disclaimer -

This website does not claim to cure specific ailments and is a record of my personal experiences and anecdotes.

In all cases where an individual has any concerns about their welbeing a medical practitioner should be consulted without delay.

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