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Holistic Reflexology


Traditional Reflexology applies hands-on pressure primarily to the soles of the feet.The soles of the feet work very hard transporting us from A to B 24/7. The truth is most people give very little thought to the care of their feet apart from regular manicures or attending to any painful conditions that may arise from time to time. But there is much more to taking care of one's feet than people generally realise. Your gait is an important aspect of how well your feet are able to walk. Is your gait balanced and does it support your posture and wellbeing? For example, the work you do can play a big part in how well your feet and spine are supported. A case in point is, many folk have sales jobs and spend long hours each day standing up from the time they arrive to work until they reach home at the end of the day - except for tea and lunch breaks when they can finally rest their legs. I know all about it. I've been there. I found doing reflexology,  rubbing the soles of my feet and having regular foot baths a huge help addressing the discomfort I felt in my feet. And you will too!


The reality is standing on one's feet for long hours is not good for the spine and lower back. It is therefore advisable to give your feet a regular foot massage to help dispel any tension accumulating underneath the arches of both feet. Not doing so can mean other systems will eventually begin to feel the pangs of a gradual overload of tension in the feet. Areas such as the abdominal region (known in yoga as the seat of wellbeing), and the liver and kidneys and other systems in the pelvic region can then become increasingly tense as a result.


HR (Holistic Reflexology) is a wonderful panacea for any conditions of stress and tension in the human body, that everyone, regardless of age and gender can benefit from learning more about. Spending time getting to know this therapy is time well spent. By learning how reflexology works you can give it as a gift to your children and loved ones and of course yourself first and foremost. It's best to start with learning about traditional reflexology - applying it just to the soles of your own feet. The latter is the best way to give your gift to others; by learning how reflexology works first-hand through your own personal experience. That's how I learnt. In no time you will be ready to explore HR and, with patience and regular practise, you will have another valuable string to your bow.


HR is a super charger, more like a treatment for the entire system that introduces you to your what you need to know about the state of your wellbeing. It is uplifting, healing and reduces tension . HR touches upon all the pressure points of the anatomical system - including the  ten energy pathways that run along the entire length of the body from the feet to the head. Prior to treatment, it is a good idea to ask the receiving individual if they have any concerns so you can understand their current status and state of wellbeing. I always treat my clients and family clothed, making it easy for the person concerned  to continue with their other commitments. This natural therapy can be applied to anyone, of any age, and give them the opportunity to have an effective treatment, without removing clothing, whilst maximising treatment time.

The good news is that this therapy is accessible to everyone, providing their are no contraindicated conditions for the individual concerned, such as skin conditions, cuts, swelling, medication issues etc - which should always be checked with your doctor or health professional if you have any concerns. Anyone, keen to learn about this method of healing can easily learn to do it well. Once you know the essential information of how to do HR reasonably well, you will always be able to gain strength and wellbeing from giving it to yourself, your family and/or others such as loved ones and friends.  

I developed the healing concept of HR over many years of natural therapies career and yoga practice. It is true to say anyone who experiences HR enjoys the experience. It should never be painful. In fact, the pain you carry will be happy to be touched by a methodology that is totally aligned with respect, love and relief. No doubt, it can best be learnt by being taught in person or via mixed media. The latter is one of the projects it is envisaged my Earthwin production team will consider making in the form of You Tube videos in due course.

HR is a wonderful therapy that can achieve all of the following:


Relieves pain and promotes healing

Stimulates circulatory, lymphatic and nervous systems

Eases muscular and joint pain

Reduces stress and anxiety

Balances body, mind and spirit.

All going well, seminars and workshops to educate the general public about the basic healing concept of Holistic Reflexology (HR), including my unique approach to teaching Yoga (see the article  below) will available for those wanting to learn more about my pragmatic healing techniques first-hand. To be truthful, I think the world needs millions of people who can employ these basic healing techniques that don't require anything of the giver, other than a sincere desire to help others feel better. Such is the source of all peace and love. And we all know the world needs lots more of that! 

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Yoga Classes

There are several ideas I have for teaching the public through mixed media, that include the best of what I have learnt about the relationship between nature and the humanity. No two people are exactly alike; every person is unique and, in a multitude of ways, very special. Therefore, my approach to teaching Hatha yoga is tailored to fit the needs of each individual. An important aspect of which is to discuss with students any issues they may have with sore joints, inflexibility and/ or muscular tension. And what they would like to achieve from attending yoga classes. People are at different stages of knowing how to breathe. Yoga breathing and postural exercises need to be taught according to the needs of each individual - rather than everyone doing the same exercise, in the same way. This approach acknowledges everyone has different strengths and weaknesses and each individual has special needs to be catered for. Not forgetting, that it's important that the practise of yoga and how it is taught should ultimately address the requirements of people of all ages, in order to achieve increased levels of flexibility and wellbeing. Practised in this way students are safe and injuries are avoided.


My plan is to release short You Tube clips demonstrating various yoga exercises to energise, heal and streamline one's body. And for those who are energetic, you can learn to dance with yoga based postures to practise at home and dance with those rhythms when partying with friends. 

Also, on the events agenda are self-healing workshops for members interested in simple basic self-healing techniques - employing completely natural techniques, such as breathing, meditation, and holistic reflexology. The YouTube segments will cover posture, breathing techniques, diet, and gait as integral to holistic wellbeing. Thus, from a personal perspective, individuals will learn how to harness useful techniques, hints and tips to embrace a healthier, happier and more creative lifestyle.



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My natural healing experiences have taught me a great deal about the importance of family wellbeing and that of our of our natural environment. Over several decades of working as a wellbeing consultant and holistic healer, I learnt how incredibly vital it is that humanity understands and respects the intrinsic yin/yang relationship between environmental wellbeing and humanity's wellbeing. I have been inspired, to help raise awareness about the delicate state of environmental and human wellbeing. And how urgent, peaceful action is needed to help our beautiful Earth become balanced and whole again. For in doing so, I believe, we shall all be healed in the process. I am very pleased and excited about this project.

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