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Between the mid 80's and the mid 90's I wrote these four articles. The first "Be Here Now' was for Simply Living Magazine. The following three were for Australian Wellbeing Magazine. It's a good place to start in terms of understanding more about my professional work and where I am coming from. Just click on the photo next to each article you are interested in. Enjoy! 

Be Here Now

My first published article for a mainstream national magazine. After making a phone call to request an interview with Baba Ram Dass, formerly known as Richard Alpert, I was fortunate to be granted permission to meet with him at Sydney Airport just prior to his departure for the US during the early 80's for a meeting that was more akin to an informal chat than an interview. 

The phone call was inspired by philosophical writers who have a gift for conveying the empowering journey of one's spiritual development, including the writings of this special and unique man.

The Path of Yoga

Hatha yoga (breath-work in unison with postures/exercises) became an important part of my lifestyle during my late teens and early twenties. I successfully gave up cigarette smoking as a result. By the time this article was published I had, with the help of several other talented natural therapists, healed serious spinal injuries incurred the previous decade by employing hatha yoga. You can see the curvature in my spine (evident at the time of writing this article a decade after injury) in at  least one picture. 



A Holistic Lifestyle

In essence, maintaining a healthy lifestyle involves an effort of will to make positive choices on a daily basis and the optimal results that result from doing so are undeniably worth the effort. In fact every aspect of our lives such as wellbeing, relationships, career goals, creativity, motives, aspirations, productivity, hopes, wishes and dreams are all enhanced by our capacity to live well and think positively. This article is about the small personal changes one can make on a daily basis to implement the process of growth and positive change.


Weight loss with Yogaerobics

After practising and teaching yoga over many years, I realised hatha yoga helped folk become more calm and well balanced emotionally, mentally and physically. Further, those overweight lost weight with regular practice. And those underweight made appropriate, healthy weight gains. I also observed there were specific exercises involved in accelerating this process. This article shares with the reader and aspiring yoga student the essence of my observations, techniques and conclusions on the subject.


Radio Interview


Mid 90's radio interview with Ian McCrae of 2GB about the benefits of Reflexology. At that time I was working as Publicist for the Reflexology Association of Australia. This interview provides a background understanding of how Reflexology works and how it may be able to help you.


Click the play button to listen to the interview.




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