Natural Therapies FAQ

It is amazing how many everyday ailments and conditions can be alleviated simply by learning to breathe correctly, and understanding how important it is to do so. Thus I have written the following hints and tips that will assist and improve wellbeing if you simply follow these basic rules. 

Meditation by the Beach
Why effective breathing and fresh air are so important


Hatha Yoga is one of the most rejenerative, ancient and therapeutic of all the natural therapies.


An important aspect of hatha yoga is posture, breathing and all movement being in sync with the abdomen, diaphragm, lungs and chest, whenever and wherever possible.


How effectively we breathe i.e. via the nasal passages or mouth, shallow or deep - and the quality of air we breathe i.e. fresh or polluted air, can make a world of difference as to how we feel physically, mentally and emotionally. That is because the brain requires adequate supplies of oxygen rich fresh air to feel good, positive, well and creative.


Breathing is an essential function 24/7 and is the first thing we do when we are born. Just as every single cell in the human body requires the oxygen rich air provided by trees and  forests, flowers and flora to maintain wellbeing. 



Three golden rules for breathing effectively

1.  Always breathe in through your nose whenever possible and maintain good posture. This ensures the fresh air you breathe can get directly to your brain. You will think more clearly and positively as a result.


2.  Consciously straighten your spine and maintain correct upright posture whenever you are sitting, standing or walking. You can easily correct your posture anytime by clasping both hands behind your lower back, whilst stretching and lengthening your arms so that your shoulders and shoulder blades are drawn back into their correct position. Be sure to also keep your neck and head erect and in line with your spine. Now relax both arms and let them hang loosely by your sides. Your posture will now be correctly positioned. It's a good idea to check your posture at regular intervals, say once each hour, until you become accustomed to keeping your posture aligned naturally.


3.  Employ your diaphragm and tummy muscles to breathe more deeply and effectively. All of the exertion takes place on the out-breath. As you breathe out, draw the tummy muscles in tight. As you breathe in let your tummy muscles relax - you are basically just letting go of the effort required to contract your tummy muscles. Thus facilitating increased quantities of air into your lungs and providing an added boost to your energy system.