Respect is a beautiful quality

Respect is an amazing quality that imbues profound, positive effects in every aspect of our lives. For example, not discriminating unfairly between one and another - under the influence of wealth -fosters equitable relations between people. Avoiding degrading, insulting and/or injurious behaviour strengthens one’s relations through one’s resolve to be thoughtful and caring towards others.

Refraining from unworthy conduct or thoughts, such as, offending, corrupting or tempting another - strengthens one’s moral fibre and resolve to be the best one can be. Being honest and decent in one’s pursuits and relations nurtures integrity. Last but not least, being respectful of other’s intelligence implies a willingness to allow people the opportunity to develop their own moral compass.

Surely, it is not appropriate to dictate to respectful citizens what they should or should not be allowed to do, as they are not causing harm to another. This applies to the right of all respectful people to enjoy liberty and the protection of their basic human rights and social justice.

People respond with respect, when treated respectfully.

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