How time flies...

I have been busy working on writing three books over the last two years, two non-fiction and one fiction. The first of the non-fiction books is about some relatively simple, natural treatments I discovered that can significantly help with relieving the discomfort of eczema. Eczema is something I experienced first hand, and after trial and error I found some particular things that certainly helped me, that can hopefully help others with their eczema too. The second book describes my personal healing journey from spinal injuries sustained in a car accident where I was told I might not walk again, and the natural therapies and lifestyle changes that helped me in making a full recovery, as well as leading me to become a yoga teacher and holistic reflexologist. My healing journey became a many-layered blessing, and the knowledge I gained during recovery has aided me in being able to help others experiencing different situations of pain and/or injury. I am exploring options for publishing and distribution for my books, and will keep you posted.

With all my best wishes, Tana.

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