The air we need

My most recent blog entry, ‘Breathe your way to wellbeing’, was all about how we breathe is super important. Well, so too is the quality of the air we breathe. Breathing polluted air can have a negative impact on your wellbeing - and we are all breathing in a certain amount of polluted air every day - especially in the cities.

The degree to which we are individually affected is relative to the nature of where we live, what we can do to combat it, and how aware we are. With regular exposure to polluted air, a wide range of ailments can develop, like fatigue, mental fog, even depression, anxiety, bronchitis and asthma, just to name a few. A simple way you can improve your immediate air quality is by welcoming lots of living plants into your home. Plants including Aloe Vera, Elephant Ear philodendron. and Areca, Reed and Lady palms have been recognised for their particular air cleaning abilities.

Through photosynthesis, plants help to filter the air, absorb C02 and generate extra oxygen. They are also a balm for the eyes and the soul. Whenever you are anywhere and notice the air is particularly fresh, like the beach or countryside, take the opportunity to practise your deep breathing.

As human beings, we are not the only ones to suffer when we pollute the natural environment. All life on Earth is affected when we damage or destroy our forests, soil, rivers and oceans, And it doesn’t stop there. With increasing intoxicants being employed to maximise and manage our crops, products and production methods employing all manner of fossil fuels and questionable chemicals - our global ecosystems are becoming increasingly volatile and disturbed. Over the past year we have all witnessed the unprecedented bush fires in Australia and the United States that have tragically destroyed the lives and homes of so many.

These recent severe climatic conditions are shaping up to be a test. Will we rise to the challenge and work to address these difficulties, peacefully, thoughtfully with love, and support our natural environment to heal - or will we put our heads in the sand by believing there’s no problem to solve? The truth is that it will become crucial for our survival that we respect and protect mother nature,- our forests, soil oceans, rivers and rainwater supplies, nationally and globally. It is time to wake-up and stop looking at the world in dollar signs. We need active, forward thinking leadership - and we need it now. No-one should take anything nature provides us all for granted any longer, including the quality air we need to sustain us.

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