Reflexology is awesome!

Holistic reflexology stimulates the pressure points and energy pathways that run along the entire length of the body, from the feet to the head, and is the nature of the professional work I do as a holistic reflexologist. However, one can effectively work on, and energize, your own two feet - and your whole system, by employing a wallet-size reflexology foot chart to locate the specific areas of your physique in need of attention - via the soles of your feet - such as the spine and reproductive system etc.

When you apply hands-on pressure to the soles of your feet, painful spots indicate congestion and tension in that specific region. Check your foot chart to see what specific part of the body that painful area of the feet refers to – because that part of your body also needs attention. Check one foot at a time. Then massage those areas of your feet that feel tense, until they begin to relax. Simultaneously, the corresponding zone of your body that has also been tense, will begin to relax. Not least, you will certainly notice the relief your feet feel – even after just several minutes of working on each foot. The left foot refers to the left side of the body. The right foot refers to the right side of the body.

For obvious reasons, don’t press any part of the foot that has cuts, ulcers, skin abrasions, acute tenderness, or any other condition that may be aggravated by any form of pressure whilst massaging the feet. Be sensible, but also be open to a wonderful new discovery. Reflexology works very well, to enhance wellbeing! I will share much more with you about the benefits of reflexology during the year. Let me know if you have any specific questions you would like me to address.

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