Relaxation and your feet

Our feet have many stories to tell and with a little regular TLC, can help us to be more relaxed and/or energetic - with thoughtful consideration for an individual's needs and lifestyle. For example, if a child is restless when it's bedtime - and there are no wounds or adverse skin conditions on the feet - try gently massaging the soles of the feet. This works a treat for anyone, not just children, to relax the whole system.

The instep of each foot, i.e. the area under the mid section of our two feet (otherwise known as the Transverse Arch), represents the solar plexus and abdominal region. The latter is that part of us that can become tense when we are under any form of stress, or eating on the run, due to a busy schedule, and the benefits of a relaxing foot massage - focusing on those hollow regions under the instep - delivers a multitude of benefits. Such as the following:

The digestive and eliminatory system are enhanced

The solar plexus and abdominal region are soothed

The nervous system begins to relax, reducing tension and/or stress.

Experience the benefits of holistic wellbeing, when you do foot reflexology!

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