Easy meditation

The essence of the meditative process is to allow one’s thoughts to flow - without interruption. By so doing, the mind has an opportunity to ‘clear the decks’ - as it were - and reduce noisy negative thoughts. Thus, allowing a neutral space of quiet contemplative thought to develop. At such times, with regular practise, it is possible to connect with one’s intuitive wisdom.

You don’t have to be sitting cross-legged, in lotus position, to achieve the positive flow-on effects of meditation. You could be anywhere, anytime, involved in any number of diverse activities, and experience the wonders of meditation.

For starters, here are a few valuable tips:

1. Focus on good posture and breathing; relax your tummy on the in-breath and contract tummy muscles on the out-breath. Always breathe in through your nose. And, keep maintaining good posture throughout.

The combined conscious action of the above, activates diaphragmatic breathing; pushing the diaphragm up, thus, the lungs more effectively release carbon dioxide, as you breathe out. Now relax your tummy, as your lungs fully expand on your in-breath. This method increases oxygen uptake. Consequently, the brain is generously nurtured with vital life-force energy (that for many is inadequate due to shallow breathing). As a result of consciously breathing deeply, one can (cumulatively) think more clearly, positively and creatively; facilitated by the life-giving fresh air - that is provided by Earth’s trees, forests and flora.

2. Develop a rhythm to your breathing; breathe in, hold, and breathe out for the same length of time.

Don’t worry about your thought processes – just let them be. Be focused on your breathing and rhythm.

With time, you will notice the quality of your thoughts are becoming more harmonious, creative and interesting.

3. Find an opportune time to mediate when you can have some quiet time.

Talking and listening to others, takes your attention away from connecting with your inner self. Spoil yourself with some special 'me time.' However, you could be running on the beach, travelling to an appointment, doing the ironing or anything else for that matter – as long as you are not required to divert your attention to conversation. Spending 10-20 minutes daily will suffice, and deliver many benefits to your inner health and wellbeing.

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