Sustainable fashion wear

Fashion and clothing design has a long history of creative ingenuity and flair. And, fashion has played a central role in our lives for centuries. However our current global circumstances, including the challenge to manufacture clothing and footwear sustainably, is offering a whole new challenge to the fashion and footwear industry.

For example, the design and materials utilised in what we wear, can also have a positive impact on wellbeing. Both for the customer and the natural environment. Especially, if the following criteria come into play in the design and manufacturing process:

Natural fibres and materials, such as cotton and wool, allow the skin to breathe. They have a minimal, negative impact on the environment. Not least, they are fabulous home grown Australian products that deserve our support and appreciation.

Likewise, shoes made of natural materials such as leather, canvas, rubber, cotton, suede, tapestry etc. will also allow one's feet to breathe. The soles of your shoes should be flexible, so that your feet can move fluently whilst you are walking.

As for women's high heels, they are lovely to enjoy for short periods of time. But try spending a whole day, on your feet, in them. Or running for a bus. The reality is, extremely high heels put enormous pressure on the insteps of both feet, which will have a negative effect on the digestive processes - to say the least. Here's a tip for those who do wear high heels, or anyone whose feet become fatigued after a day at work! Always make sure you give the soles of your feet a massage, for several minutes at the end of the day, to ease away any residual tension.

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