Breath of life

Natural healing hints and tips, based on the methodologies I have found to be the most effective to balance wellbeing, will now be the focus of my blog. Including, holistic reflexology methods to alleviate everyday common ailments and hatha yoga breathing and exercise techniques to improve posture, vitality and creativity, will be conveyed to my readers. In short, how to create a nurturing, healthy and balanced lifestyle. The reality is, there are many everyday common ailments that can be effectively alleviated by employing simple, natural healing techniques, that I will share with you here on a weekly basis.

Let’s start with the most common of ailments: negative thoughts.

We all need to consciously pay attention to the quality of air we breathe because it is the one thing we do 24/7, and the first thing we do when we are born. Not least, the brain requires adequate supplies of oxygen rich fresh air to think positively and creatively. The trees, forests and flora provide the best source of oxygen. It is equally important to breathe in through the nasal passages as the air is filtered inside the nasal passages, and then transported directly to the brain.

Note * Most people commonly breathe at 10% of capacity - insufficient to feel vibrant and positive.

By breathing this way you can *increase oxygen uptake by 70 – 80%, with daily practice as follows:

In order to get the most out of each breath we take, we need to consciously employ the abdominal muscles in the act of breathing. This can be achieved by:

1. Correcting your posture - straighten up, shoulders back.

2. Contracting the tummy muscles - whilst you breathe out.

3. Relax the tummy muscles - whilst you breathe in.

Breathing in this way delivers a multitude of benefits:

Your thoughts will become more positive.

You will think more clearly and creatively.

Your general wellbeing will be enhanced.

Your abdominal region will become taut and stronger – as will your lower back - due to exercising the muscles of your torso as you consciously breathe deeply.

Breathing, employing this technique, is a natural diuretic. Therefore, you will dispel excess fluid more readily.

It's a win win. Try it and see for yourself!

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