Earth is amazing!

If all humanity understood how fortunate we are to be living on such an amazingly beautiful planet as Earth there would be no wars or any form of conflict whatsoever. Rather, we would feel grateful and blessed to wake up each day in a serene exquisitely beautiful environment.

If you are in any doubt about this, or would like to be totally inspired by sensational images and vital information vital information about our planet - you must take a look at a wonderful programme titled Earth From Space, that went to air on SBS television, last Sunday evening 2nd October.

The fantastic photography and images are taken from several NASA satellites travelling around Earth to record various natural energy systems at work. For example, earth, wind, water, fire and the electro-magnetic spectrum. All of these events are interconnected and work together as one whole integrated energy system. This is a programme that our leaders, politicians and, indeed, every man, woman and child on the planet would benefit from seeing. It truly puts into perspective how amazing planet Earth is, and how we must do everything humanly possible to protect the integrity of Earth's natural environment and embrace living together peacefully.

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