Creating calm within

Creating a calm space within oneself is essential, even at the best of times. But especially when life becomes incredibly busy and demanding, and it's hard to keep up. At such times, it's really helpful to spend 10 - 15 minutes each day, in a quiet place, to recharge the body, meditate and regain perspective about the things that really matter. There are just a few simple rules to follow to make this a truly special, rewarding time for you:

Sit in a comfortable position or lay down on your back, making sure your spine is straight.

If seated, place the back of your hands on your knees facing up, with the thumbs and forefingers linked.

The remaining fingers outstretched, as illustrated.

If laying down, place your relaxed arms by your side - with your hands facing up.

Breathe in deeply through your nose and hold the breath for as long as is comfortable.

Breathe out through your mouth as you draw in your tummy muscles tight.

Note - Contracting your tummy muscles pushes the diaphragm up and forces the lungs to close more fully. Thus releasing more carbon-dioxide. As you relax your tummy muscles and breathe in, you facilitate greater quantities of oxygen being absorbed by the lungs. That's a plus for your whole system!

For a additional torso firming workout, you can also tense the tummy and buttock muscles at the same time. Imagine you are drawing the buttocks and tummy towards each other, on each out-breath.

Then breathe in again as you relax your muscles, holding the breath for as long as is comfortable.

Repeat this process for up to ten minutes. The more time you can spend, the calmer you will feel.

This breathing technique is also very helpful to employ prior to delivering a speech, doing a performance or

making a presentation. It will help to calm your nerves.

Try it out. You should feel more serene, clearer and more positive with each passing day.

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