Natural light: food for thought

Not so very long ago, people gave little thought of making natural light a priority in the design concept of homes, apartments, office blocks and community facilities. If you have ever worked in a space with little available natural light and minimal fresh air, you would know all too well how tired and lethargic you could feel at the end of a day's work. How times have changed. We now know how important natural light and fresh air is - to how well we generally feel. Now the focus is on developing sustainable, clean natural energy sources so that our air, earth, river and ocean systems are safe, protected and restored to a pristine condition. Something that is going to take ingenuity, courage and lateral thinking -

As the following quote from Eduard DeBono so aptly defines:

"The interpretation of a situation may be looked upon as an anagram. Things fit together and make sense, but this does not preclude their being put together in a new way which makes even more sense. Everyone has the right to doubt everything as often as he pleases, and the duty to do it at least once. No way of looking at things is too sacred to be reconsidered. No way of doing things is beyond improvement. It should be possible to look at a wheel and reconsider it's efficiency"...

Eduard DeBono

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