Crowning glory

‘Crowning Glory’ commonly refers to one’s hair.

Yet most folk are in the dark when it comes to knowing a few simple tips that can make all the difference, regarding the quality and lustre of one’s hair. Many years ago, quite unexpectedly, I made an important discovery in this regard. A client came to see me about reflexology treatment for frequent cramps in the calf muscle of his right leg. Upon further examination, I found an acute area of tension in the centre of the calf muscle concerned, about the size of a ten-cent coin, where the skin happened to be bare. My client immediately responded, “That’s exactly where my cramps come from.” I asked my client whether he was aware, his skin was bare in that specific region. He replied, he had not noticed. To cut a long story short - successive reflexology treatments relieved the tension in his calf muscle, and his cramps at night subsided. Further, hair began to show signs of regrowing in the bare patch of his calf muscle. Confirming something I instinctively knew; brushing one's hair and and massaging the scalp, stimulates circulation, enriches the hair follicle/root and enhances hair growth. However, a nutritious healthy diet and lifestyle, is the first prerequisite to achieving overall wellbeing.

My 3 essential healthy hair tips are:

Brush your hair regularly with a natural bristle brush

Lie on your back and elevate your legs against a wall ( 5-10 minutes), whilst massaging your entire scalp and the area around the base of your skull - 3-4 times a week. At the same time breathe in and hold your breath for a five seconds before breathing out - whilst contracting your tummy muscles. Breathe in, as you relax your tummy muscles.

Enjoy reflexology, acupressure or shiatsu sessions with a professional hands-on-therapist - to release the tension in your shoulders, neck and head - on a regular basis.

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Disclaimer -

This website does not claim to cure specific ailments and is a record of my personal experiences and anecdotes.

In all cases where an individual has any concerns about their welbeing a medical practitioner should be consulted without delay.

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